Enjoy the pleasure of give with our Chocolate Gifts and Specials

Octogonal Gift

- Eight of Café Britt's very best candy creations.

- All packed in this beautiful gift box and gift wraped with a detailed bow.

- It includes an assorted combination of Café Britt's most popular flavors.

Cocoa Indulgence

Cocoa Indulgence

- Signature gift box filled with your selection of 2 of our delicious Gourmet cocoas

- 2 gourmet hot cocoas and 1 signature gift box.

- Save $1 per bag of Gourmet Chocolates.

Nutty Gift Box

Nutty Gift Box

- 1 chocolate covered macadamia.
- 1 chocolate covered cashews.
- 1 macadamia brittle candy.

- 1 macadamia - unsalted.

- 1 Medium signature gift box.

Gourmet Tropical Delights

Tropical Delights

- 4 Gourmet coffees, chocolates, nuts & sweets.

- Save $1 per bag of Gourmet Chocolates.

- Add $1 per bag of Organic Shade Grown or Fair Trade coffee.

ChocoGift Box

ChocoGift Box

- The perfect gift to savor the most extraordinary coffee & chocolate creations

- This elegant box comes with 3 Café Britt coffees and 2 smooth hot cocoas. 

- We compliment them with 8 chocolate pyramid packs for easy sampling.

Dark Delicious

Gourmet Treats to Share

- Mix & match 10 gourmet coffees, chocolates, nuts and Britt cookies

- 1 Free bag of your choice

- Free shipping to USA & Canada


8 Gourmet Delights

8 Gourmet Delights

- Fill a full case with 8 of your favorite Britt gourmet coffees, chocolates and nuts

- Have it Gift wrapped in our signature bag.

- Enjoy 8 of Café Britt's very best chocolate candy creations